Transgender friendly doctors that can prescribe HRT:

  • All doctors at Taylor Square Private Clinic.
  • Jonathon Hayes, endocrinologist.
  • Steven Tornely, encodrinologist.
  • Peter Maundrell, GP, Fort St Medical Centre.

Transgender friendly psychiatrists: (This is not a list of psychiatrists that will work with trans people and the WPATH, this is a list of psychiatrists that specifically do not engage in gatekeeping practices)

  • Michael Scott (Neutral Bay)
  • Matthew Davies (Hurstville, Kogarah)

Steps to obtain HRT:

  1. Visit a GP, disclose that you are transgender and get a mental health care plan and a referral to see a psychiatrist. If you're seeing doctors at Taylor Square then just go directly to Taylor Square, they can give you the psych referral and this will save you time because they also issue you a "disclosure" document that lets you know the effects of HRT and has a 1 month expiry before you can sign it and start HRT.
  2. Make a psychiatrist appointment as soon as possible. Hopefully there are no complications and it only takes one appointment. Psychiatrists still don't understand the relation between Autism Spectrum Disorders and being transgender (23% of transgender people have an ASD), so if you have an ASD you may not want to disclose it, to avoid being knocked back, but that's a personal choice you need to consider.
  3. Once you have the all-green from the psychiatrist (I recommend asking the psych to email you a copy), you can go back to Taylor Square or book your first apointment with an endocrinologist. Taylor Square takes about three appointments before they let you start HRT, but you can do all three of those before you get the psychiatrist's letter. I've never visited an endocrinologist but I hear it takes two appointments, the first of which is just a bunch of level checks, so I'd be surprised if you needed a letter for the first visit.
  4. Welcome to HRT.