Steps to obtain HRT: 

1. Make a 30 minute appointment with Sven Strecker at Prahran Market Clinic Melbourne and advise your gender history and intention to start hormones, get a mental health care plan questionnaire done and a referral to one of the clinical psychologists at Northside Clinic or a psychiatrist. You'll get an appointment with a clinical psychologist much faster than a psychiatrist (1 week vs 1-2 months)

2. Make an appointment with your clinical psychiatrist of choice qualified to make a WPATH assessment. It will take minimum 3 appointments to get the WPATH assessment and approval letter but you can make an appointment for every 1-2 weeks and get it done in less than 2 months

Appointment 1: discussion of gender history
Appointment 2: mental illness and emotional stability assessment
Appointment 3: informed consent and drafting of WPATH approval letter (may have to be split into 2 appointments)

3. Take your approval letter back to Sven (15 minute appointment is fine) who will write you up a prescription on the spot for hormones, and make you an appointment with an endocrinologist in order to get the concession discount. You can fill out your prescription prior to seeing the endo! Medicare just has to know that it's happening in the meantime. 

Blam! Done! Hormones in less than 2 months. Make sure you get a mental health care plan though or those appointments will be costly.